Press title valuation

The valuation approach applied by SAWYER encompasses a wide range of services that depend on individual client’s demands:

  • patent valuation
  • technology vauation
  • know how valuation


  • determining client needs 
  • understanding the purpose of a valuation
  • selecting a valuation method and team of experts
  • meeting at the client’s head office 
  • analysing the business application of a particular technology
  • valuation based on dedicated financial models prepared individually for each client
  • preparing valuation report

Work effects

  • patent/technology/know-how valuation:
    • commercialization
    • purchase/sale
    • apportionment
    • tax optimization
    • litigation
    • inheritance proceedings
    • security for debts
    • accounting requirements fulfillment 


  • flexibility in approach to work
  • reliable analysis
  • understanding client needs 
  • safety guaranteed by years of experience of our team
  • timeliness and punctuality